Its the choices we make, not the chances we take, that determine our destiny - Aristotle

5 tips to crush your learning goals in 2018!

We’ve all been there, writing down our goals for the new year, like finally getting in shape, learning something new or even changing careers. Alas we get comfortable and quickly settle into our old routines.

In 2018 commit to learning a new skill that will help you advance your professional career.   

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Our top 5 tips to CRUSH your Learning Goals in 2018! 

Remember your WHY! Visualize and start with your end-goal in mind. Having a strong reason for doing something is a great motivator during times when you feel like giving up.

Be Realistic: Set goals that you can reach, and reward yourself when you hit milestones along the way. You’ll feel great and your confidence will grow. 

Focus on the Process: Motivation comes and goes, but a solid, measurable game plan with specific weekly and monthly targets will help you stay on track. 

Find an Accountability Partner: Find someone that will hold you to your word. A colleague. A friend. A spouse. Its much harder to bail when you know there is someone holding you accountable. 

Be patient: Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, be patient. You may see some results right away but other victories take time. Learning something new is not easy but definitely worth it!

Take Action Now! 

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