Client Cases

Helping clients across industries accomplish their business goals.

Helping a major bank mitigate Project Execution Risk 

Issue Approach  Outcome
A major bank detected a gap with respect to managing and mitigating Project Execution Risk, which was the risk associated with balancing project delivery with operations adoption. We worked with a cross-functional client team of representatives from Risk, Projects, Operations,  and Technology to device a new risk management technique on Project Execution Risk.
Established the Governance, Methodology and Tools to measure and manage Execution Risk exposure and align with OSFI requirements at a major bank.

Implementing Agile Transformation within a professional services firm

Issue  Approach  Outcome
A professional services firm had recently updated their Project Delivery approach based on Agile practices. However, the new Agile practices were not well-adopted by the organization. Our Agile consultants deeply understood the updated Project Delivery approach and conducted gap assessment against the current state. We then developed a robust training, communication and deployment plan based on Agile practices and executed as per the plan. The new Agile practices were well understood by the client’s project teams and adopted by most projects. Additionally, we contributed to the enhancing the Agile practices based on our expertise in that space.

Supporting a major retailer through Post Merger Integration

Issue Approach  Outcome
A major retail client had executed a $15B acquisition – one of largest in Canada. Post-merger assessment and implementation needed to happen to realize the full pay back on the acquisition. Our consultants partnered with the in-house Post Merger Integration team with the client to provide Program and Project Management services. We assessed integration needs against, Short, Medium and Long term goals. We also created structure governance, operational standards and project execution guidelines. Successful integration for the Short and Medium term goals were completed by the end of engagement. The client also had a clear road map to achieve integration with long term goals.

Enhancing Operational Delivery processes for a professional services client 

Issue Approach  Outcome
A professional services firm had realized double digit growth across multiple years. The growth needed to be matched with more mature internal operational delivery processes and practices, to ensure sustainability and ongoing growth. Our consultants helped identify operations improvements and a more project-based approach to delivery. We defined new processes and techniques, and helped manage the operations team to ensure appropriate adoption. The client had fewer operational defects, improved client satisfaction and significantly less “fire fighting” to ensure client needs were optimally delivered.