Top 4 Change Management Trends in 2018 

Although the key principles of leading change have remained largely the same over the last few decades, the practices of change management evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of people in today’s organizations. 

Trends such as a multi-generational workforce, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence are encouraging us to set aside traditional, linear approaches in favour of agile, feedback-driven approaches to creating and implementing successful organizational change. 

The recognition of change management’s value as a strategic capability has also grown, resulting in a broader awareness and application.  

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The Era of Digital

Digital transformation is a key part of many companies and although it means different things to different people, the implications for change management practitioners are similar.

New technologies are changing the game in terms of the way change management – and particularly change management implementation – is delivered inside the organization. 

New assessment and planning tools, such as Change Analytics and Tableau, are being introduced into the market. These tools help create visualizations of change plans, shared dashboards for noting change implementation progress and risks, and diagnostics for identifying anticipated areas of resistance. They’ll give an overall picture, or portfolio-level view, of the change efforts being undertaken in an organization, and helpful insight to combat change fatigue. 

DATA is KEY to delivery 

Closely linked to this explosion in digital technology is the surge in change management ‘BIG’ data. 

5 years ago, change management data was silo’d across organizations – on hard drives, in spreadsheets and PPTs and isolated assessment tools. The applications and technology simply were not available to support an integrated approach to gathering and analyzing data all in one place.

In 2018 the landscape has changed dramatically. Leading edge change applications, such as Roadmap Pro, are not only bringing together all of this disparate change data – on key change risks, engagement etc – but they also provide the dashboarding capability to track, analyse and benchmark the data in a way that is truly meaningful to stakeholders.

ADOPTION is critical to Project Success

As mentioned in our previous post, getting your initiative to ‘go-live’ is important but the work doesn’t stop there – the real value of change initiatives requires the buy-in or ‘adoption’ from majority members. 

While change methodology and approach is important, it’s actually how you implement your change programs that will truly create competitive advantage for your organization.

The ability to implement is now a whole lot easier to plan, adopt and roll out due to the digital transformation mentioned earlier. The availability of SaaS applications means you now have the option for online and 24/7 access to the learning, tools and data you need to make your change initiatives a success - without the need for costly offline training programs.

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Agile Change Management 

Organization continue to focus on the agile approach to implementing change. The sheer volume of change that organizations are facing is compelling leaders to reconsider their role in the organization – and how they structure their teams to effectively support the organization. 

At the heart of agile thinking is taking a “holistic” view of business activities. Adopting a standardized approach to change across the organization, by integrating it closely with project management activity.  As well as putting in place the tools and applications needed to quickly plan, rollout and scale activity to meet the avalanche of demand that is coming their way.

When it comes to efficiency, quality, project predictability and getting the maximum value out of employees, its clear to see why Agile remains the consistent choice for many organizations.   

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